Weab is the program I used to create this website.


I started Weab after I got my new MacBook from Apple, in Mac OS X I discovered iWeb, and I found, very interesting, the concept of having a simple application to create homepage, especially that I had started writting a script that would take a few files in a directory and generate html pages from it. Instead of completing that scripts, I decided to write Weab.


Weab is the concatenation of the word "web" and the word "easy", as its goal is to allow the easy creation of website.

Why an other tool ?

There is a lot of tools for creating website out there. So why I didn't pick one ? First I wanted something static, no database, no php with security problems and the need to keep up-to-date, something that would generate plain HTML pages.

Then there are what I call "web developement suits" like quanta. While they allow to create the kind of website that weab can creates, they are too big and difficult to use for that task.

Copyright (c) 1995-2008 Cyrille Berger